You are My beloved Fall book Study

Living in this hurting world can leave us questioning God’s heart and purpose. With the You are my Beloved Fall Book Study as your mentor, you can start living confidently from the overflow and fullness of your belovedness.

7 Weeks Online

Live Community

Christ Centered

Oct. 21st – Dec. 2nd

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So you can stop striving for approval and start thriving in your true belovedness.

Starts October 21st

Connect each week for nine weeks – live on zoom each Wednesday 12pm MST (1pm Central).

October 21st- December 2nd

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Available in softcover, hardcover, and ebook.

I know you want to live life to the fullest, it’s our foundational desire. To do that, we each need to discover who we are in Christ and what His purpose is for us. The problem is we aren’t sure of the answers – everything we do seems to fall short. This can leave us feeling lonely, overwhelmed, and perhaps even questioning God’s love for us and for others.

I believe God’s love and freedom are not only available to us but they are intended for us! Sometimes it’s hard to see ourselves and others as God does, but you are not alone. Having walked through seasons of questioning myself, I, Wendy, have discovered my belovedness in Christ and want to help you do the same.

He has the best ideas and your original design, your belovedness is one of them.

Grab a friend and get registered today! Begins October 21st. Click below for more details.

From the feedback given to the Holy Yoga Foundation’s YAMB Book Club

What a wonderful book and Wendy was a wonderful leader. I really had a connection to the Lord through this and released a lot. It was a blessing. I am looking forward to the next one.

Wendy is the absolute best and her compassion for people goes above and beyond.

Have learned so much about Redemptive Gifts, and can now identify which one characterize me and my loved ones.

Revelation on scripture as a different way than I have viewed it in the last 20 years as a believer. Being filled with the Holy Spirit is incredible and finding your very DNA core He created in you is mind-blowing.

What a great Experience!

Let’s journey together!

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