I, Arose Mentoring 2022

Mentorship shortens the distance, time, energy, and investment it takes to get to where you want to go and be who you are meant to be.

Freedom, identity, original design and fulfillment in Christ is available to you right now…the question becomes are you experiencing it all in fullness?

Friend, Your tomorrow must begins with you but will never end with you.

There has never been a more crucial time in your history for you to become the healed, Jesus loving, kingdom living, wisdom filled, beloved daughter of the King that you are.

It is time to ARISE to your fullness. For yourself and there are people waiting for you to do so.

Your Fulfillment in all you truly are in Christ radically effecting your Family, Home, Marriage, Parenting, Friends, Business, Work place, Ministry, the Body…simply everywhere!

Bring the kingdom to every place you step your foot, it is time to flourish!

Your I Arose Mentorship includes:

A full year of all this goodness. Walking with you right into His more for you and yours:

  • Full access to our exclusive You are His Beloved Community (value $ priceless)

  • Weekly Mentoring, Teaching, Activation, and Coaching – getting to heart of it all (value $4995)

  • Discovering deeper layers of your original design, image bearing aka Redemptive Gifting; each Principle, Birthright, Fulfillment and More (value $4995)

  • Family Sessions, activations    (value $1195)

  • Sustainable Rhythms Mentoring program (value $1195) offered twice in the year – you have access to both

  • Gifted VIP packages for all events throughout the program (value $990)

  • Beautiful 7 week Bible/Book Study of my devotional book “You are My Beloved, Discovering the Grace in Identity and Original Design”. This includes your personalized copy of You are My Beloved as well as the partnering study guide (value $247)

  • Prayer Calls, Worship Sessions and more (priceless)

  • Full Access to the I Arose Mentoring Library with an abundance to feast upon at your own pace (value $2495)

Over $18,000 worth of programs, opportunities, and bonuses!

Over $18,000 worth of training and mentoring, as well as the personalized, customization of this program for you. 

Over $18,000 for the deep saving of only $2795 Canadian which is $2200 ish USD

**Monthly payment option will require an initial deposit and then will be charged on the first day of the month for five months.

What others have to say about their
I, Arose Mentoring Experience

“I came into I Arose knowing that God wanted to reveal more to me and within me. Positioned in a very challenging place – mentally, spiritually and geospatially, I was being called to seize the uncertainty and give God my “yes.” With a heart quieted, and a spirit yielded to the journey – I have been witness to hearing God’s voice more acutely and with greater certainty than I have in my 16 years of following the Lord. I asked my heavenly Father to step into my story with the hope that He would reveal Himself and, thereby myself to me – to show me how He sees me. 

Not a day goes by where I don’t observe the motions of God with ultimate awe and wonder, growing deeper still as I cleave to His heart upon the time that I rise and when I retreat for the night. Wendy has championed our breakthroughs both big and small, calling us to living as though we know full-well that we are absolutely God’s very good idea. I incorporate rhythms  of living that enable me to experience a life that is presently, intimately, and joyfully connected with the world, from one season to the next.”

Kimberlee Manora

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Being a part of the I Arose program with Wendy leading the way has opened the door for me to lean in and on the Lord in ways I have not done in many years. Through I Arose, Wendy has helped me regenerate faith and be open to receiving from God in partnership with him. Wendy has an incredibly gentle spirit that is inviting for all, and her ability to connect with the Lord creates such a deep sense of inclusiveness for all that are with her on this journey of transformation. Wendy is an incredible mentor helping me unlock hope and faith for the future.”

Pat Bourne

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“In this place, I Arose Mentoring,  we learn to receive ( I know receiving is hard) , change our lens and open our hearts to the powers of grace, mercy and intentionality. If we are fortunate enough (and real enough) we can join other women in a safe place to explore all the layers and begin experiencing a heart rhythm with God.

Imagine giving God your biggest “yes”. Imagine breaking off shame and guilt. Imagine intimacy with Him flowing without barriers.

Imagine dreaming for the 1st time ever ! Imagine living out who God says you are.  I Arose is this and a whole lot more….Like I mean “you belong here” 

Shari Rodriguez

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Jump into the living streams 💦of water that Wendy has to offer. She stopped me and my track before winter of 2021 just by leaving me a voice message and I’m so thankful I took the leap of faith with her gracious invitation to join I, Arose Mentoring 💖

Especially with not knowing what the YES would unlock in me.   Not only does she fill my cup with grace, but in return she teaches us that we get to pour into others what the Lord is doing in us and through us. Wendy’s quote “Notice what we’re noticing”. Plus so many more to share of the richness of our God’s beautiful heart ❤️ 

P.S. There is so much more to share. I hope this brings more JOY to your journey of I, Arose 🙏🙌💖”

Marisa Thompson

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I Arose was an unexpected mentorship that I did not really think of as something earth shattering until I started seeing what was happening in my heart.

I never realized how much shame controlled my thinking until Wendy poured out her wisdom in this area. I never realized how much I didn’t want to receive until I Arose. I am truly walking out the identity of freedom. In just 4 months I have begun to see how truly redeemed I am as a Queenly Woman of God. I am curious and excited to see what else God does through the next 8 months in I Arose. I even told my dental hygienist about I Arose as she fitted me for my mouth guard! If you feel even the slightest nudge from Holy Spirit to do this, do it!”

Amiee LeDoux

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I am here to empower you, to encourage you, to bring your old and new knowing into actualization.
 To stand on the holy ground of your life with you and to walk with you into your destined original design

Not only will this be a powerful year, this will be a milestone year for you and your beloveds as you step fully into your wholeness.

You can’t unknow Him the way you are about to know Him.
His Powerful Presence unlocking you one profound Yes at a time!