I, Arose Mentoring

Mentorship shortens the distance, time, energy, and investment it takes to get to where you want to go.

Freedom, identity, original design and fulfillment in Christ is available to you right now…the question becomes are you experiencing it all in fullness?

Your tomorrow begins with you but will never end with you. It is time to ARISE to your fullness. For such a time as this!

Your Mentorship includes:

  • Full access to our exclusive You are His Beloved Community (value $ priceless)
  • Weekly Teaching on Redemptive Gifting; each Principle, Birthright, Fulfillment and More (value $4995)
  • Bi-Monthly Soul Care Sessions – heart healing encounters and more (value $2200)
  • Sustainable Rhythms mentoring program (value $1195) offered twice in the year – you have access to both
  • Gifted VIP packages for all events throughout the program (value $990)
  • Family Sessions, activations    (value $1195)
  • Prayer Calls, Worship Sessions and more (priceless)
  • A copy of my Devotional Book – You are My Beloved, Discovering the Grace in Identity and Original Design along with the Study Guide    (Value $45)

Some Surprises And More yet to come…

Over $11,000 worth of programs, opportunities, and bonuses

Over $11,000 worth of training and mentoring, as well as the personalized, customization of this program around you. 

I am here to empower you
 – to encourage you
 – to bring your old and new knowing into actualization
 – to stand on the holy ground of your life with you
 – to walk with you into your destined original design

Not only will this be a powerful year, this will be a milestone year for you and your beloveds as you step fully into your wholeness.

You can’t unknow Him the way you are about to know Him.
His Powerful Presence unlocking you one profound Yes at a time! 

 Kingdom Rhythms & Mentorship 

  • Redemptive Gifting Mentorship   Romans 12:6-8
  • Identity in Christ therefore fulfillment in Christ – Ephesians 1:11
  • Fulfillment in all you truly are in Christ – bringing the kingdom to every place you step your foot. 
    • Family, Home, Neighbourhood, Friends, Business, Ministry, the Body, simply everywhere!
  • Growth in Kingdom expansion, perspective and freedom 
  • Activating more Love, Peace, Joy 
  • Rhythmic teaching of Redemptive Gifting and discovering not only which one you are, also stepping fully into the Principle you hold as well as your birthright <3 

Plus So Much More! Register By November 11th, you will receive your Bless a Friend with 50% off opportunity. Trust the Lord placing Yes in your Heart, walk into your obedience and watch what He does with it <3.

Standing for You, Wendy