10 Year old Wendy Knew

My belief growing up was God lived in heaven and that heaven was just above the clouds. I visioned the floor of heaven as the fluffy clouds and cute angles would bounce from one cloud to another. It was a sweet understanding. I found myself forever fascinated by the sky, the clouds and trying hard to catch a glimpse of heavenly activity “up there”.
I remember this as if it was yesterday, I was outside…probably staring at the sky and I had a moment that spoke deeply into the fibers of my being. I had no reference or language for this experience but I knew it was true.

Little Wendy knew I would write a book that was important, that would change lives, that would build up and bring freedom. I didn’t know what that meant yet I just knew it was already done.

I held this promise close to my heart and now that promise is called “You Are My Beloved”, Discovering the Grace in Identity and Original Design.

God dreams BIG into our lives for we are His very good idea from the beginning. He invites us to join Him, to draw close and to trust what may not make sense…yet.

Join me on the adventure of Discovering the Grace of Your Identity and Original Design.

The Lord has much for us to discover.

And maybe, just maybe we can catch a glimpse of heavenly activity…it is much closer than “up there”.

Blessings, Wendy

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